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The Steps to Proper Wool Rug Cleaning
Just the thought of wool rug cleaning can get you down. After all, just imagining yourself hefting the heavy rug can be quite unappealing. However, there are some steps that you can take to make sure that you do not break your back while still effectively cleaning your wool rug. Of course, you can always have it professionally cleaned. But where is the fun in that? Here is how you clean a wool rug:

Check the cleaning specifications
Before you ruin your rug by using improper cleaning techniques, read the cleaning specifications. You should know that there are some rugs that cannot be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. There are also wool rugs that demand dry clean only. So better get that straight first. If not, you may end up dead tired and holding a rug that may never be used again.

Remove excess dust
In relation to the previous instruction, vacuum your wool rug if this is allowed. If not, you have to shake the rug as best as you could to remove excess dust and dirt. Leaving the dirt and dust to fester in your wool rug and washing it is not a good idea. You may find those unwanted particles further sticking on your wool rug during the wash. This may make your hard work completely useless.

Spot clean the stains
To make sure that the actual washing goes on smoothly, spot clean with a good stain remover. Double check if the particular stain remover is especially made for wool. Removing the stains this way is easier than having to scrub on the wool furiously during washing. Wool rug cleaning can become more manageable if on its step, the rug gets a little cleaner. The steps themselves are pretty easy. Just imagine hauling the wool rug straight to the wash without any pre-cleaning. It would be a lot of hard work.

Wash the rug outdoors
There is no skipping this most difficult part. It does not have to feel like heavy labor, though. You can just place it on the ground outdoors, possibly on the patio. There, you can hose down the rug. Put some detergent on the rug. Make sure that the detergent is compatible with wool. Lather into suds with a brush. You may also do this using another technique. You can mix the detergent with water in a bucket and work the mixture into a lather there.

Dry the rug
After thoroughly washing away the soapy water, dry the rug with towels. The towels should be able to absorb excess water fast. This also prevents you having to leave the rug under the sun for too long. After all this, you have a new-looking, thoroughly clean and fluffy rug. Also, you have managed to make cleaning it look easy. Wool rug cleaning is not that hard once you have the right technique. There is no way you can skip cleaning the rug. You have to regularly clean it because it gets bombarded by dirt and grime every day.