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Circumstances that Require Rug Repair
Your rug provides aesthetic value to your home. There must be something about its color, style and possibly even origins that made you want to buy it in the first place. When something is a bit about off about it, you need to go through rug repair. Of course, getting the rug soiled only requires some intensive cleaning. Here are some circumstances that need more than just a simple cleanup:

Spills and Burns
When you spill an especially nasty-looking concoction on your rug, you just cannot bear to look at it anymore. You have to keep your rug looking clean and presentable even if you are not expecting any guests. Wine stains and coffee drippings may need simple enough rug repair. You can do it yourself with some stain-removing sticks that you can buy from the hardware shop. Burns may be a little trickier, especially those that have managed to bore into some spots of your rug. You will need a lot of help.

Fraying Edges
Age can damage your rug. Even rugs that are of the highest quality can go through fraying and other states of deterioration. The fraying may look horrible but a simple trim can fix it. Just glue the edges afterwards. The glue should help keep things intact for awhile. For major disasters, you may need to consult a professional. You never know: the frayed edges can make for a funky new design. Of course, this is a matter of preference.

Unbraided Areas
When your braided rug gets unbraided, the simple solution would be to braid the loose area again. Then, find a way to seal the part where you end the braid. Make sure that particular way will be applicable to the material of your rug. For complicated unbraiding, you may need an expert to repair your rug for you.

Aged, Washed-Out Look
This particular circumstance may not really need a repair per se. However, such a condition can mar an otherwise beautiful looking rug. There are some fabric shampoos that try to enhance the natural colors of the rug. You may decide to dye your rug to recreate the original colors. This will take some skill and a lot of patience. If you want a professional to do it, you can always consult a repair shop. Some also perform color restoration.

Cuts and Tears
Cuts and tears in your rug can definitely be remedied at home. You only need to patch up the areas that have been cut or torn. Simple mending skills may be required here. However, if you do not have any domestic skills, it may be best to turn to a professional who repairs rugs for a living. You may end up further ruining your rug.

There are a lot of things that can happen to your rug that require repair of some sort. It is better to get the rug repaired as early as possible. The condition could get worse and may become more difficult and more expensive to repair. Go to a rug repair shop as soon as you notice damage that you cannot repair at home.

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