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Borough Carpet Cleaning

Most commonly asked questions.

Can you come on the same day of my order ?

Yes, our technicians are available to you up until 7:00pm, including sunday, But we are closed on Saturday.

Do you have more coupons?

yes We do but we offer different coupons for different times.

How long before I get my rugs back ?

3-5 Business days, depending on how busy we are.

Is there a minimum order ?

NO, but the minimum size of the rug must exceed 4 feet, unless you have a number of small rugs.

Do you move furniture's ?

Yes we do, as long it is with good taste :)

Can you remove pet oder from rugs and sofas ?

Yes we can, plus this services has a little bonus as well, you get free deodorizing.

Do you clean Sheepskin rugs ?

Yes, sheepskin rugs is a very delict process and it is very easy to heroine the rug is not done right. Visit our sheepskin rug cleaning page to learn more.

Do you move furniture ?

Yes, we do and with no charge, however we are not responsible for damages in case they happen, it is best to have rug ready for pickup.
If you have any other questions, please contact us.