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Carpets are very useful when they are laid out in any office or house. They are not only attractive but also enhance the attractiveness and aesthetic appeal of the room. Keeping them clean and dust free is very essential for personal health and you can use FiveBoroughCarpetCleaning to get your carpet back to mint condition. Dust mites can settle down and cause allergic conditions in the occupants of the room if the carpet is not cleaned regularly.

Vacuum cleaning is only a partial solution and a thorough cleaning job is the only way to ensure that your carpet is really clean enough. The dust which settles deep into the pile of the carpet has to be removed while cleaning the carpet and this is possible only by getting the assistance of professional Carpet Cleaning NY . Carpets made of synthetic material are used in wet areas in the houses. Since they are made of light weight material, they can be cleaned easily using detergents and dried before reusing them.

At FiveBoroughCarpetCleaning we know how much you care about your upholstery, and we want to help you rest on a clean and comfortable surface.

Carpet Stain Removal

We have about 98% rate of success on most unknown stains (stains that people do not know what the stain came from) utilizing Pro-link products specific to your carpet cleaning NY needs. Below is a list of stains we remove from carpets on a daily basis: Grease Stain / Paint Stain We remove grease stains using our Paint Oil Grease Remover.

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