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Rug Cleaning NY.

Protect Your Precious Rug With Special Expert Care, at 5B we Make sure that your rug gets the best rug cleaning experience in its life. In our hands your rug will feel like you would when going to a spa. We treat each rug with utmost care and professionalism.

Manhattan NY Rug Cleaning Service
Prides itself with new and improved everything. we use the best and latest carpet,rug and upholstery cleaning machines, and be sure to ask about our scotchguard Rug Protection. We are the answer for all of your rug cleaning needs in Brooklyn New York. Different shapes and vibrant themed Rugs are available to decorate rooms. People prefer lightweight Rugs for use in high footfall areas like the working places, common rooms , etc. So that cleaning the Rugs on a regular basis does not become a tedious process. Regular brushing of the Rugs using carpet brushes is not a long-term solution for removing the layers of dust and grime from the carpet. What you can do instead is to hire the services of a carpet cleaning New York company that can do a thorough job of cleaning the carpet for you, at least once every three months.