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Ever imagine yourself sitting around in front of a fireplace during Winter? Yes this is a perfect Yuletide picture but, a certain detail is missing - a plush, warm and soft Flokati rug. A Flokati rug is a kind of rug which has slightly longer than normal size of fiber compared to other rugs or carpets. They are made of wool, and thus provide a great deal of warmth especially during the cold season.

Flokati rugs were made a long time ago by Vlachs in the Pindus Mountains of Greece and Albania. They have since become a staple in the living room for places which have a very cold climate. Because they are made of wool, the rug has a very distinct, crisp and very luxurious off white color.

But because of the color, the rug can sometimes be very difficult to maintain. Flokati rug cleaning can sometimes be taxing because of the rug’s high-maintenance appearance. But there are certain pointers to remember that can make your cleaning easier and more manageable.

White Worry
Do you get the feeling that you have to be extra careful whenever you are wearing a white shirt? Same thing is true with a naturally off white Flokati rug. You should have some enough sense to not place a Flokati rug as a dining table rug. Put your Flokati rug in the living room, or in your bedroom, but you should think twice about getting a bottle of wine near it because spillage will always be unavoidable. When drinking coffee, make sure you put a saucer under the cup to avoid little spills that can ruin the rug.

Checkin’ the Tags
Before you actually start cleaning your rug, you should first check the label of the rug before cleaning it. For one some rugs have distinct off white color, however some Flokati rugs can be dyed. So whenever you do your Flokati rug cleaning, check first if the rug is dyed or if it is color fast. You wouldn’t want to ruin a perfect looking off white carpet by staining them. Also, since the rugs are off white, you should keep it away from other rugs with solid color, or which can stain the off white rug.

The Shag Factor
Since Flokati rugs have longer strands, you should never use a vacuum cleaner to clean your Flokati rugs. This is because instead of dirt, little white strands will get caught in your vacuum cleaner. This can also cause a change in the physical appearance of a Flokati rug. Apart from that, shedding a few strands is unavoidable with the Flokati rug whenever you move it or clean it.

Washing the Rug
The best method in Flokati rug cleaning is by taking it outside and shaking it first off the surface dust before cleaning it. Next, you can use mild wool soap to clean your rug. No need to brush the rug intensely as this will only cause your rug to lose more strands. Also, when drying your rug, taking it out to dry is always the best.

Machine Washing
You can also use a washing machine in Flokati rug cleaning. Depending on the type of rug and the capacity of your machine, you can typically place a Flokati rug in a plastic bag with little detergent and spin it around in the machine. Never place a Flokati rug in the machine directly as this will definitely destroy your precious rug.