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Making Your Old Rugs Look Like New
Sheepskin rug cleaning may be a somewhat hefty job to do. If you are a sheepskin rug owner and want to turn that old and stained rug to look like what it was the time you purchased it, then you would know how hefty it is to do this. Whether you own a synthetic or a hundred percent natural sheepskin rug, you may do the cleaning through hand washing or through putting it into the washing machine. However, you have to take a few considerations before doing it. This will allow you to be able to clean your rugs properly while bringing back its natural look.

Whenever you buy a sheepskin rug, you should know that in just less than a year, this rug may start to look dingy and dirty. Every rug owner never wants to deal with this. Sheepskin rugs can be a very good home investment because owning this is proven to add that wonderful warm feeling in any home. However, you have to know how to handle these rugs with care and learn about all important points regarding sheepskin rug cleaning so you will be able to maintain its natural look. You have to know the proper care and storage for it so it will continue to become part of your good home investments.

As an old trick when it comes to cleaning these rugs, you have to use a handheld vacuum or even a large vacuum and a stiff metal brush. If you intend to use a large vacuum, make sure that the hose is covered with something like a panty hose. After covering it, take the brush and give your rug a nice brushing. Once you’re done brushing all parts of the rug, then you can start running your vacuum gently into it to remove all the dirt out. If there are stains of any sort on your sheepskin rug and you need to clean it with the use of water and other cleaning solutions, make sure that you know all the basics in handling this matter.

Usually, people tend to just put their sheepskin rugs in their washing machine for it to be cleaned but this is not at all recommended. If you do the cleaning of these rugs with the use of a washing machine, the tendency is your rug will lose its luster and natural look in just a short period of time. If water is really needed to clean your rug then it is advisable that you use a cold bath and a mild cleaning solution for the sheepskin rug.

Just gently wash your rug for about 5 minutes and let it dry for about seven to ten hours. Once the rug is completely dried out, you can use your metal brush and allow it to run in all parts of the rug until such comes back to its original look.

For your sheepskin rug cleaning needs, make sure that you put into consideration a lot of things before doing it. There are some cleaning solutions specifically made for these kinds of rug so make use of them. If you want your sheepskin rug to stay with you forever and to look like the first time you see it, make sure that you handle it with extra care.