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Oriental Rug Cleaning NY.

We understand the precious nature of your oriental rugs. Oriental rugs are prized possessions that are a source of extreme beauty. They can even appreciate it in value, as it is for some magnificent handmade masterpieces. Specializes in oriental rug cleaning, including: Persian, Afghani, Pakistani, Chinese, Indian, Antique and hand made oriental rugs. You will be thrilled with the results of our strong yet gentle procedure for safely and thoroughly cleaning your Oriental rugs.

A meticulous inspection of your fine textile begins the cleaning process. Then, our certified carpet and rug cleaning technicians identify the exact fibers and dyes that constitute your oriental rug, selecting the ideal rug cleaning method for your rug.

Here's a closer look at the process:
Pre-Inspection - After we inspect the rug for any special conditions, we ask for your work authorization. We will start cleaning only upon your approval. Dusting - We safely and thoroughly pre-clean for dry, minute soil particles using compressed air.

Washing - We submerge the rug in a special bath in order to assure complete cleaning. Underwater compressed air treatment is applied to provide gentle Jacuzzi like agitation. Decontamination Bath - In order to treat odor and contamination sources such as urine, mold, mildew, or insect infestation.

Rinsing - To completely flush away of soils and cleaning agents. Drying - Done quickly and efficiently in a controlled atmosphere drying room. Final touches - Final spotting in order to remove all foreign matter, with an eye to preserving the integrity of fibers and dyes. Repairs & Restoration - Available with individualized quote for each rug. Feel comfortable when you entrust your Oriental rug to the

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